The Social Intranet that Actually Drives Work

Workdrive is the only software you need to get massive engagement from your work force or community. Imagine if Facebook, Zoom & Slack had a baby with a business degree. Say hello to Workdrive.

Get Your Staff on the Same Page

A Newsfeed Experience Your Staff Knows

  • Everyone's newsfeed is custom to their postion, role & interests.
  • Increase engagement by reducing unwanted or irrelavent posts.
  • A similar social experience to other consumer products.
  • Build your company's shared knowledge base by saving all interactions & making them searchable.
Communicate and Collaborate with Ease

Not Just Chat, Video & Voice Too!

  • Fully integrated video chat, voice chat, livestream and screen share technology in one single, sleek platform.
  • Maximize employee adoption with supportive tools they will actually use.
  • Migrate all communication into one well-organized platform with optional transcription and storage.
Get them up to speed faster

Company Onboarding + Task Management

  • Seamlessly and efficiently onboard new employees.
  • Maintain a cascading task completion system globally within your organization.
  • Create forms, assign quizzes, distribute videos, and collect quality data in one streamlined, intuitive and effective platform.
  • Utilize an organized task management system to be used company-wide, from a single role to the entire organization.
Reduce Support Tickets by 60%

AI Driven Support Deflection

Workdrive absorbs collective knowledge of your company’s FAQs, correspondence, documents, calls, videos and knowledge databases and returns concise, timely information to your employees. Preemptively answer common questions without distracting from your current prioritized tasks. Reduce the frequency and repetitiousness of support tickets.

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With Adoption Comes Productivity

By giving your employees a user-friendly platform that they use on a daily basis, you can ensure that everyone stays on the same page. Company endeavors, policies and events are easily universally communicated and readily accessible. Less support, more productivity. The days of 10% product adoption are over.







What Makes Workdrive Stand Out

Workdrive is a truly innovative intranet built with the enhancement of company culture in mind. By using modern solutions to solve the age-old problems of employee adoption, interaction, training and compliance in a cohesive platform, everyone is able to get and stay on the same page.

Mobile First

A fully comprehensive intranet designed to be native to mobile devices. Run Workdrive on any device for a convenient and smooth experience. Work from anywhere and stay connected.

Native Desktop Application

Fully functioning installable desktop application for both Mac and PC complete with all features, primed for easy implementation.

Push, Push, Push Notifications

No more email overload. Many intranet systems lose adoption due to users being overwhelmed with email notifications, so they simply turn them off to avoid clutter. With Workdrive, you have complete control over every notification type and delivery method.

Customized Streams

Workdrive news feeds are unique to each employee and are customized to his or her position, role, interests and interactions. Only see what you should see, avoid overload, increase adoption, and stay on the same page. Workdrive is relevant to each individual.

HD Video & Voice

Even when remote, keep the workflow smooth and steady by staff interacting within your own platform through chat, voice calls, video calls, video broadcasts, screen shares and more. Plus, the added feature of full transcription and storage make record-keeping effortless.

Unified Search

Reduce clutter by keeping your company-wide collective knowledge in a single searchable system rather than in numbers of silos. Workdrive’ artificial Intelligence and smart technology use keywords to search all silos for a prompt response, saving countless hours of wasted time.

HR + LDAP Sync

Automatically sync with all popular HR software or an LDAP directory to establish new accounts, remove old ones and keep everything in sync.

Full Restful API + Zapier

Using Workdrive’ API or Zap, effortlessly accomplish administrative tasks. From creating a new account to pulling reports on any date point, Workdrive was made to be flexible and suited to your business’ needs.

SSO Integration for Your Favorite Apps

Keep your entire software stack in one location that is easily accessible to everyone. From SSO to just a one-click link, save time and keep everyone organized and in sync.

Full Reporting Module

Data is useless without the ability to consume, analyze and act on it. Workdrive provides even the most tech-adverse person the ability to run thorough and insightful reports on all aspects of your staff’s engagement with ease.


Simple Yet Beautiful User Interface

Without a UI/UX experience that is easy to use and keeps your staff wanting to engage, you lose a captive audience. Workdrive is built to be incredibly usable, aesthetically pleasing, and highly applicable to your staff, ultimately driving more adoption.

Search Your Company for Anything

Having a truly all-encompassing search experience saves everyone time so they can get what they need and get back to work.


Workdrive Is Cross-Platform

Think of it as the Facebook of Intranets. A real mobile app, a real desktop app, and a useful website all displaying a cohesive system. Present a platform your employees will use, and see adoption dramatically increase.


A Little Pat on the Back Goes a Long Way

Automatically win, give and earn badges for accomplishments to nurture a strong, positive company culture. Keep your workforce motivated and show appreciation.

See Why Our Clients Love Workdrive

Don’t take it from us - our customers are thrilled with this pioneer intranet all-in-one system that’s changing the way they interact with their staff.


Before Workdrive maybe 5% of our emplyees used our intranet, now its close to 90%.


We spend a ton of money on softare & resources to help our employees do their jobs. Before Workdrive, maybe 20% knew about these things, after Workdrive it's almost 100%.


We used to have over 1000 support tickets a day. After implementing Workdrive as our first line of defense we have managed to cut that number in half.

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